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XAP Toolkit downloads

You can download the xIDE and GNU tools for XAP4 and XAP5 from the links below.
The xIDE Integrated Development Environment and accompanying GNU software tools let you write programs in C or Assembler and compile and run them in the Instruction Set Simulator. Program code size and execution time can then be assessed.
The toolkits run on Windows PCs.
Source code for the GNU C compiler and Binutils assembler is available on request for use with Linux and other operating systems.

Click on a link below to obtain an evaluation copy of xIDE and all the documentation.

XAP and xIDE documents
           The XAP processors background paper
            XAP4a programmers’ manual
            XAP5a programmers’ manual
            Getting started with xIDE

XAP software toolkits
            xIDE and GNU downloads for XAP4a
            xIDE and GNU downloads for XAP5a

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